Direct win

USPS is promoting Political Campaign Mail’s ability to reach voters throughout this year’s election season.

Direct mail can help political candidates get out the vote on Election Day, a USPS manager writes in a new essay.

The article by Elena Neely, national lead for the Postal Service’s political mail outreach efforts, appears in a recent edition of the Campaigns & Elections political journal.

Neely offers direct mail tips for candidates, such as targeting voters with information they care about.

For example, sending direct mail about Social Security to older voters can compel them to care more about voting for a candidate who champions that issue.

“Voters are more likely to show up at the polls if your communications reflect the issues that are important to them,” Neely writes.

The USPS-sponsored article is part of the organization’s partnership with Campaigns & Elections to promote political mail.

The Postal Service is also continuing to work with state and local governments to prepare for the fall elections.