Going super strong

USPS has released four Wonder Woman stamps, including one that shows her during the Silver Age (1956-72).

Now that USPS has released its four Wonder Woman stamps, do you know just what makes her so, well, wonderful?

Few characters have the longevity and influence of Wonder Woman, who debuted 75 years ago in a 1941 issue of All Star Comics. She was introduced in a backup story meant to test her appeal at a time when female heroes were rare in comics.

She passed the test with flying colors — not to mention her bulletproof bracelets and magic lasso that compelled people to tell the truth — and in 1942 was featured as the lead character in her own self-titled comic book.

The stamps celebrating Wonder Woman’s diamond anniversary showcase four eras in her comic book history: Golden Age (1941–55), Silver Age (1956–72), Bronze Age (1973–86) and Modern Age (1987–present).

Pivotal moments for the character beyond the pages of comic books include her 1972 appearance on the cover of the first issue of Ms. Magazine, the hit live-action TV series that ran from 1975-1979, and her first big-screen appearance earlier this year in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

The Postal Service also featured Wonder Woman in a 2006 stamp pane honoring comic book heroes.