Secondhand first

Anthony Marino, thredUP’s chief marketing officer, discusses the company’s relationship with USPS in a new video.

The executives behind a fast-growing online consignment shop are praising USPS.

The San Francisco-based business, thredUP, allows customers to buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothing online. The company ships the merchandise through the Postal Service.

“USPS fits that model perfectly because they can deliver a quality service for the right price. They fit with what we’re doing like a glove,” John Voris, thredUP’s chief operating officer, says in a new video.

The 1-minute, 35-second segment is part of the Postal Service’s “In Conversation With” series, which showcases businesses that use postal products and services.

In addition to providing thredUP with shipping services, USPS also helped the company launch its first direct mail campaign.

“One of the most exciting things about working with USPS is that they’ve been willing to really innovate with us,” says Anthony Marino, the company’s chief marketing officer.

“They’re willing to work and innovate in ways that surprised us, and we think we’ll launch more innovative products with them that really have a big impact on our consumer experience.”

The video is available on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. Some employees may be unable to watch external videos on postal computers.