Fired up

Safety Director Linda DeCarlo hangs the new employee-designed Fire Prevention Month poster in a USPS workplace.

USPS has announced the winner of the recent Fire Prevention Month safety poster contest, which proved so popular that it has inspired a new challenge.

The contest highlighted Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 9-15) and the importance of preparation. District safety professionals competed on the new safety poster design.

San Francisco District Safety Specialist Darryl Smith won the contest by creating an image that features fire extinguishers, emergency lights, visible exit signs and other necessary items in a fire emergency.

Smith will receive a Safety Depends on Me T-shirt and certificate.

The success of the contest has spurred a similar challenge to design a poster for Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Month.

To enter, contestants must create posters that include high-resolution photos depicting situations or practices focused on reducing motor vehicle accidents.

If individuals are photographed, be sure to include an individual release form.

Employees interested in participating should submit ideas to the headquarters safety mailbox by Nov. 11.

A winner will be selected by December.