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West Palm Beach, FL, Address Management Systems Technician Karin Nolf reads Link mobile on her smartphone.

Employees are continuing to embrace Link mobile, the new mobile-friendly version of the Postal Service’s daily news site.

USPS introduced Link mobile this year for employees who don’t have access to postal computers or prefer to read news on their mobile devices.

The site offers the same content that employees receive when they read Link on a desktop computer, including news reports, feature articles and Heroes’ corner profiles.

“It keeps me informed about changes and updates within our postal family,” said Cottonwood, AL, Postmaster Sandra Bell.

The site is expected to come in handy this fall and winter, which is traditionally a busy time for the Postal Service.

The open season benefits enrollment period will begin in November, along with the holiday shipping and mailing season.

USPS leaders are encouraging employees to stay up-to-date during this period by going to to subscribe to weekly emails with recent Link highlights. More than 18,000 employees have signed up so far.

Karin Nolf, an address management systems technician in West Palm Beach, FL, began receiving the emails a few months ago.

“I like having access to postal news even when I am not at work,” she said.