Thimbles in a haystack

Kim Wright, a clerk at the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, shows her valuable discovery.

You’ve heard of looking for a needle in haystack. How about trying to find some thimbles in a mail stack?

In the summer, a firm in Des Moines, IA, mailed two packages of thimbles to a company in Fairfield, IA. Somehow, the packages got lost along the way.

The Fairfield company reported the handmade, sterling silver thimbles — worth $6,000 — missing through the missing mail application on

Atlanta Mail Recovery Center Supervisor Lawana Smith received the alert and gave a picture of the missing items to Mail Clerk Kim Wright.

Recently, while sorting through items in a flat tub, Wright saw several small bags. She compared them to the photo Smith gave her three months earlier.

Wright had found the missing thimbles, which were delivered to the Fairfield company.

“Other than a delay of three months, I am satisfied. … The Postal Service delivered,” said Tommy Jane Lane, the company’s owner.

Smith praised Wright’s eagle eye.

“It’s always a great day when something like this happens. Kim did an excellent job,” Smith said.

Wright said the experience demonstrates why she loves her job.

“It feels good to find people’s stuff. This is one of my best finds,” she said.