French connection

Santa Barbara, CA, Retail Associate Brandon Cheek, left, and Athens, OH, Customer Services Supervisor Shane Roush joined forces to fulfill a French girl’s stamp request.

What do you do when you want the Shirley Temple stamp, but live in Paris?

If you’re one 12-year-old girl named Marie, you mail a letter to USPS.

“I love the USA and US stamps,” she wrote. “Please could you tell me how I can obtain your new stamp on Shirley Temple?”

Shane Roush, a customer services supervisor at the Athens, OH, Post Office, recently received Marie’s request — which arrived without an envelope.

“We’re not really sure how the letter ended up at our little station,” Roush said.

Nevertheless, he purchased the stamps to send Marie and asked his friend Brandon Cheek, a USPS retail associate in Santa Barbara, CA, to write a letter to include in the envelope.

Cheek, who once lived in France and is fluent in French, happily obliged.

“Here are several stamps that you can add to your stamp collection,” he wrote.

Although it remains a mystery how Marie’s request wound up in Athens, Roush said he and his co-workers are “thankful it did because we were happy to send a little gift to her.”