‘Best in class’

Gautam Gupta, NatureBox’s chief executive officer, discusses the company’s relationship with USPS in a new video.

The top executive at a fast-growing company that ships healthy snack boxes to customers is praising the service provided by USPS.

Gautam Gupta, chief executive officer of NatureBox, says the Postal Service takes the worry out of shipping.

“It allows us to focus on the things we’re good at,” Gupta says in a new video. “We can depend on the Postal Service, which is really best in class in making sure that those boxes get where they need to go.”

The 1-minute, 20-second video is the third installment in the “In Conversation With” series, which highlights business customers.

Gupta says USPS has provided good service since NatureBox’s earliest days, when the company was run out of an apartment.

He recalls rushing to a Post Office to make a shipment before the office closed. An employee stayed late to help him.

“Just keeping the Post Office open for another five minutes allowed us to get those boxes out to our earliest customers and allowed us to keep growing the business,” Gupta says.

The video is available on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. Some employees may be unable to watch external videos on postal computers.