Hot shot

A USA Today snapshot last week highlights a statistic from the Postal Service’s recent study on political mail.

The power of Political Mail has once again made USA Today’s front page.

The newspaper has published a snapshot graphic Oct. 21 based on the recent Postal Service study that found direct mail is more helpful than other media in helping people decide how to vote.

The snapshot, which appeared on the front page, shows 60 percent of voters immediately read Political Mail about a candidate or issue.

Twenty-four percent of voters save the mailpiece to read it later, the graphic notes.

This is the second time in recent months that USA Today has showcased postal research in one of its front-page snapshots.

In June, the newspaper highlighted a statistic that shows 40 percent of voters ages 18-34 read Political Mail, compared to 18 percent of other likely voters.

Election Mail and Political Mail are top priorities this year for USPS, which is working with state and local government leadersorganizations and publications and introducing digital tools to help campaigns.