Little carrier

Jennifer Kraft and her daughter, Sophia, and husband, Kory, show off Sophia’s honorary letter carrier plaque last week. Image: Courier-Post

Sophia Kraft might be small, but she’s a big fan of USPS.

The 3-year-old New Jersey girl loves mail so much, she dresses as a letter carrier and regularly visits the Sewell Post Office with her mom, Jennifer Kraft.

Sophia even makes pretend deliveries with help from postal employees who play along.

Last week, Postmaster Joe DeLio honored Sophia with a plaque and job title — honorary letter carrier.

“It dawned on me, the professionalism and the perception that we have with the community and how young people look up to us,” DeLio told the Courier-Post.

Jennifer Kraft, who started a home-based clothing business last year, uses USPS to ship her merchandise. She began taking Sophia along on her frequent trips to the Post Office.

The girl soon struck up a friendship with Retail Associate Sean Falls. It helps that Falls keeps a stash of lollipops for Sophia on her visits.

Seeing the little carrier in her uniform is always a highlight of Falls’ day.

“It touches my heart,” he said.

Sophia takes her job seriously, according to her dad, Kory.

“She’ll come home after she helps Jennifer drop off packages and say, ‘That was hard work,’” he said.