Electoral enthusiasm

One voter used Harry Potter and Barbara Jordan stamps to mail a ballot. Image: KUOW.org

Early and absentee voters aren’t just expressing their preferences on their ballots. They’re also choosing stamps that reflect their feelings — and sharing their selections on Twitter.

The Harry Potter stamps are proving especially popular.

One fan tweeted, “When you put a Dumbledore stamp on your absentee ballot in hopes that it’ll help the outcome of this election…”

Another wrote, “When I sent in my absentee ballot this week, I used my final #HarryPotter stamp, one of Voldemort. Interpret that as you will.”

Some choices reflect a deeper meaning.

One voter shared a picture of an envelope affixed with a gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk stamp and wrote, “My stamps say it all.”

Someone else posted a photo of one of this year’s new holiday stamps and wrote, “Mailing in my ballot with an Eid stamp because #America.”

Other voters are longing for national harmony.

One Twitter user, referring to the new Soda Fountain Favorites stamps, put it this way: “Almost put a Banana split stamp on my absentee ballot, but then I realized that we need to come together as one unified rootbeer float.”