Badges of honor

USPS is distributing lapel pins to employees who served in the armed forces.

To mark Veterans Day, the Postal Service is providing employees who served in the U.S. military with lapel pins they can wear year-round.

Approximately 113,000 USPS employees have served in the armed forces, making the Postal Service one of the nation’s largest employers of veterans.

The pin features the words “Proud Veteran” in the center of a blue star above a red banner that reads, “Postal Proud.”

“The Postal Service is proud to recognize and honor our veterans by providing them with these special lapel pins,” PMG Megan J. Brennan said. “When employees see the pin, they’ll know they have a friend and colleague who served our great nation and helped protect our freedom.”

The pins will be distributed throughout the next week, along with a letter from the PMG, to honor Veterans Day, which is Friday, Nov. 11, this year.

In her letter, the PMG also thanks USPS veterans for their commitment and sacrifice.