On the rise

Almost half the USPS workforce completed the Postal Pulse survey from Oct. 4-Nov. 4.

More than 292,000 employees participated in the most recent Postal Pulse survey, new data show.

This means about 49 percent of the USPS workforce completed the survey, which was administered from Oct. 4-Nov. 4.

The participation rate is up from the previous survey, which was completed by 30 percent of employees in February and March.

“We made significant progress in our response rate,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “We thank everyone who shared their opinions and made their voice heard.”

USPS will share the survey results when they become available in mid-December.

By early January, managers and supervisors will share the results during state-of-the-team conversations with employees. Action plans will follow to help each team improve engagement.

Williams also reminds employees that the Postal Pulse isn’t the only method to share their feedback.

USPS also offers an employee engagement comment box in the upper left hand corner of the LiteBlue home page.

Additionally, employees can email comments to engagement@usps.gov or call 844-303-6424 to record their feedback.

All feedback is received by the employee engagement team, which considers the suggestions and seeks ways to enact them when appropriate.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has more information.