Guest of honor

President Obama meets Alex Myteberi at the White House recently. Image: White House video

If you’re Alex Myteberi, meeting the president is only a special letter away.

The 6-year-old Scarsdale, NY, boy and his family recently traveled to the White House to meet President Obama after Alex mailed a letter to the president that went viral on social media.

In the letter, Alex asked the president to bring to the United States a young Syrian boy named Omran who was photographed in the aftermath of an airstrike.

Alex wrote that his family would adopt Omran and that he would teach him to ride a bike.

The president read part of the letter during a United Nations summit on the refugee crisis.

“I liked your letter so much that I ended up reading it to everybody,” Obama told a beaming Alex during their meeting.

Alex’s mother, Valbona Myteberi, told The Washington Post that the family left the White House with a letter that Obama wrote to Alex. The president expressed confidence that if more people were like Alex, the world would be a better place.

At the end of the note, the president added a handwritten line: “I’m very proud of you!”