Peak precautions

USPS is reminding employees to take precautions to avoid dog attacks during the holidays.

Peak delivery season means higher package volumes and more opportunities for Postal Service carriers to dismount their vehicles.

Every time employees exit their vehicles, they should be alert to potential hazards, such as dog attacks and roll-away and runaway accidents.

Here are tips to avoid dog attacks:

  • Always have your satchel available to create a barrier between you and the dog.
  • Ensure that your dog repellant spray is accessible.
  • Never run. Stop, face the dog and slowly back away.

To avoid roll-away and runaway accidents, employees should follow these steps:

  • Place the gear selector in park.
  • When parking a vehicle uphill, turn the front wheels away from the curb. When parking downhill, turn them into curb. Remember: uphill — out and downhill — in.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Remove the key.
  • If the vehicle will be out of your sight, lock the vehicle.
  • Always follow the seat belt policy.

The Safety Blue page has additional on-the-job tips, including Safety Depends on Me videos on preventing dog attacks and roll-away and runaway accidents.