Sharing the spirit

USPS is inviting employees to share their seasonal sentiments on postcards this holiday season.

The Postal Service is continuing to collect holiday wishes from employees who want to share glad tidings with their colleagues.

Employees are invited to write their comments on postcards and mail them to the address listed below. USPS is collecting the messages and sharing highlights in Link and other internal communications channels.

Janesville, CA, Postmaster Julianne Pepetone sent a postcard that described how her Post Office is serving customers hot cider and treats to express their appreciation during the holidays.

“To always serve them with a smile and kindness year-round is our policy here in Janesville,” Pepetone wrote.

Hopland, CA, Postmaster Marcy Wright wrote that her holiday wish is for “an appreciation of our law enforcement personnel across this great country.”

Another postcard came from Fairbanks, AK, Data Technician Marcia Mongeau, who wrote about her recovery from an illness she experienced at this time last year.

“This holiday season … I am back thanks to the love and support of family, friends and co-workers. A sincere thank you and good tidings to you all!”

To share your seasonal sentiments, send your postcard to: USPS, Multimedia Communications Department, PO Box 23294, Washington, DC 20026-3294.