Big finish

Bessie Sharpe, a human resources acting manager, appears in this year’s CFC marketing materials.

There’s still time to Show Some Love during this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), although the clock is ticking.

The CFC, the world’s largest charity drive, allows federal employees to contribute to more than 18,000 organizations. This year’s campaign ends Dec. 15.

Postal Service employees who support the CFC are encouraging their co-workers to support a cause, either through a one-time donation or ongoing payroll deductions.

“I’ve actively participated in the Combined Federal Campaign as a both a donor and volunteer for many years,” said Bessie Sharpe, a human resources acting manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

“My personal focus and cause is diabetes research and education since this disease appears on both the maternal and paternal sides of my family,” she said.

Some areas have extended the deadline for this year’s CFC. Employees should contact their local campaign manager for revised deadline dates.

The CFC LiteBlue site has additional information.