Priority Mail Express

USPS is adjusting its Priority Mail Express refund policy in anticipation of higher mail volumes next week.

USPS has adjusted the postage refund policy for Priority Mail Express one-day shipments sent during the Dec. 22-25 holiday period.

Under the adjusted policy, Priority Mail Express one-day shipments sent during this period are not eligible for postage refunds unless the package is not delivered or delivery is not attempted within two days of the mailing date.

The Postal Service is adjusting the policy in anticipation of increased mail volumes and weather conditions that could affect one-day shipments during the holidays.

Employees are reminded that postage refunds require the customer’s copy of Priority Mail Express labels or receipts.

USPS wants employees to encourage customers to send Priority Mail Express items earlier to ensure the shipments arrive by their intended date.

The holiday shipping guidelines on have additional information.