For the children

Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Joseph Moskal is honored at a July ceremony. From left: National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 3 President Larry Kania, Moskal, Postmaster Thomas Szklarz and Westside Station Customer Services Manager Paul Urbanski.

Children always need a helping hand — and several times in 2016, heroic Postal Service employees were there to lend one.

Chillicothe, IL, Letter Carrier Mary Wilkins rescued a boy who was riding a toy tractor into the path of an oncoming vehicle, while Denver Letter Carrier Robert Batley saved a toddler he spotted wandering in traffic.

Two other employees — Kettering, OH, City Carrier Assistant Donte Cotton and Hoxie, KS, Retail Associate James Stephenson — aided children who were involved in automobile accidents.

Other employees saved children from drowning.

Fayetteville, AR, Mail Handler Assistant Jason Huffmaster performed CPR on a baby who was in respiratory arrest due to dry drowning, while Knoxville, TN, Mail Handler Timothy Brown rescued a child who plunged into frigid water during a boating mishap.

Independence, OH, Letter Carrier Audrey O’Dell saved a child who nearly drowned in an inflatable pool.

Meanwhile, Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Joseph Moskal saved a 14-year-old girl who was being choked by a 300-pound man.

“We all aspire to be like you — a true hero,” Westside Station Customer Services Manager Paul Urbanski told Moskal at a ceremony honoring him.

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