Code blue

South Gate City, CA, Letter Carrier Ramon Perez received help from City Carrier Assistant Brian Williams during a dangerous situation.

Postal Service employees have always been able to count on their co-workers in times of crisis — and 2016 was no different.

Minnetonka, MN, Letter Carrier Brian Halbakken and a quartet of custodians at the Columbia, OH, Processing and Distribution Center all saved choking co-workers, while Winfield, IA, Postmaster Heather Trimble helped a rural associate who suffered a heart attack on the job.

Gwendolyn Harvey and Alice Parks, two employees at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, were honored this year after getting help for a sick co-worker who didn’t report to work for several days.

Elsewhere, Stanford, MT, Retail Associate Sarah Bracha rendered first aid when a highway contract route driver became seriously ill on the job.

Other employees rescued co-workers from danger.

When South Gate City, CA, City Carrier Assistant Brian Williams saw Letter Carrier Ramon Perez being threatened by gang members, Williams positioned his vehicle between Perez and the men, then jumped out and stood next to him.

“He … didn’t say anything,” Perez said. “It was something out of a superhero movie. Just standing there, he was able to deescalate the situation.”

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