Cool heads

Daniel Toney, left, his wife Jessica and Derrick Coleman unveil a display honoring postal heroes at USPS headquarters this year.

Heroic Postal Service employees rose to the occasion during this year’s times of crisis.

Milwaukee Letter Carrier Mark Lyman comforted a woman who shot herself in the head, while German Osorio and Corisa Ruiz, two Corpus Christi, TX, co-workers, joined forces in response to a suicide attempt.

Some employees made disturbing discoveries: Cleveland Letter Carrier Jason Stillwell contacted authorities after finding the body of a customer who had died at home, and Nampa, ID, City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter sprang into action after discovering a young boy suffering from a drug overdose.

Meanwhile, Charleston, WV, Sales Representative Daniel Toney performed two heroic acts in a single day when he helped a neighbor who had caught fire and later rescued a motorist who drove his car off the road and down a steep mountain.

Toney was honored at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, by Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson, who cited him as an example of what makes postal employees special.

“Every day, Postal Service employees go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their co-workers and customers,” Williamson said.

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