Winter wear

USPS employees who work outside should layer up, protect their extremities and stay dry during the winter months.

Employees are being reminded to dress warmly when working outside this winter.

Here are some tips:

  • Layer up. Each layer provides insulation and acts as a barrier from the cold to help retain body heat. Avoid pure cotton, linen or similar materials because they retain moisture and can cause you to become colder.
  • Protect your extremities. Wrap a scarf around your neck and pull it over your mouth and nose to guard against the cold air. Additionally, wearing a winter hat can protect your ears and head before going outside, while gloves or mittens can keep your hands warm. 
  • Stay dry. Adding a knit sweater or sweatshirt and a waterproof or water-resistant top coat, hat and shoes will help ensure you stay warm and dry.

Employees should always dress appropriately for the weather and notify supervisors immediately if they experience any weather-related issues.

The Safety Blue page has additional on-the-job tips.