On the beat

San Diego, CA, Letter Carrier Julio Mendroza is greeted recently by postal inspectors Patricia Mendoza and Cory Blott.

The Postal Inspection Service has a message for the nation’s letter carriers and rural carriers: We’re here to help.

Postal inspectors regularly meet with carriers to remind them to be aware of unsafe situations and to report suspicious activities, such as vehicles that follow them or parcels that go missing along their routes.

These meetings continued during the recent peak delivery season, the Postal Service’s busiest time of year.

“We’re just letting them know we are available as resources,” said San Diego, CA, Postal Inspector Patricia Mendoza. “If they have an issue, we want them to call 911 first and then their office for assistance. Don’t take chances.”

Throughout peak season, Mendoza and fellow Postal Inspector Cory Bott visited several areas in San Diego District to connect with carriers.

“We stop at their office and find out if there are any particular areas where issues have been reported,” Bott said. “We try to visit with those carriers to give them tips and let them know what to do.”

Employees who encounter an emergency situation should immediately call 911 and then contact their manager or supervisor. The management team should then contact the Postal Inspection Service for further investigation.

The Inspection Service’s site has additional tips and resources.