In the air

Chief Operating Officer David Williams prepares to hand cancel Love Skywriting stamps Jan. 7 as Greg Stinis gets ready to begin his skywriting demonstration.

The Postal Service has released this year’s Love stamp: Love Skywriting, which was dedicated Jan. 7 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA.

Chief Operating Officer David Williams, who spoke at the ceremony, said the stamp is ideal for Valentine’s Day cards, wedding invitations and more.

“From the moment they’re spotted on an envelope, these miniature works of art foretell good news,” Williams said. “And with this particular stamp, we can really say, once and for all, that ‘love is in the air’ — and in the mail.”

The dedication ceremony included a demonstration by Greg Stinis, chief executive officer of the skywriting business Skytypers, who filled the skies over Chino with the word “Love.”

The “L” was about 6,000 feet tall — more than four times the height of the Empire State Building. The remaining letters were each about 2,000 feet tall.

The new stamp is a continuation of the Love series, which began in 1973.

The stamp art depicts the word “Love” written in white cursive script against a blue sky with wispy clouds and the edges of the letters just beginning to blur.

The stamps are available at Post Offices and The Postal Service’s Jan. 6 news release has more information.