Peak pride

Greater Indiana District employees hold blue #PostalProud banner

It’s good to be #PostalProud — and Pacer proud, too.

Several USPS employees were recognized during a recent Indiana Pacers’ basketball game for their time and dedication during peak season.

“Success in Greater Indiana District is a direct result of the effort and talent of our employees,” said District Manager Todd Hawkins, who joined the employees on court at half-time.

“As we develop and sustain a dynamic, healthy and safe workplace environment … we recognize some of the best of the best of peak season.”

Elwood, IN, Post Office Officer-in-Charge Chy Renick said she was honored to be chosen as one of the distinguished employees.

“I love my job, I love my career, I love my co-workers and mentors,” said Renick. “I, personally, have been given opportunities to excel and learn, and for this I am postal proud.”