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Greensboro District Retail Marketing Manager Tammy Apple receives an award from Michele Thoren

Passport to excellence. The State Department recently recognized Capital Metro Area’s Greensboro District for having the nation’s most innovative passport facility.

The district’s passport center allows customers to schedule appointments for passports, ensuring they have all the necessary documentation required during the application process.

This has increased revenue and improved customers’ experience, district leaders report.

Tammy Apple, the district’s retail marketing manager, recently received the State Department’s award from Michele Thoren, the department’s assistant secretary for consular affairs.

Electronics overload? If you have outdated electronic devices or empty toner and inkjet cartridges, don’t toss them.

Instead, recycle them through the Federal Recycling Program, which allows you to recycle all types of used toner and inkjet cartridges along with personal electronic devices.

To begin recycling, print the prepaid label and then pack the items in a box and mail it. USPS recommends sending multiple cartridges and electronics at a time.

Don’t use return labels from other shippers or include them in your box.

Contact the Asset Accountability Service Center in your area for additional assistance.

Let’s talk shop. Many of the online purchases that USPS delivers are being made on smartphones, new data from the National Retail Federation suggests.

Smartphones, on average, made up 30 percent of online sales last year, the federation reported last week. Overall, sales made on smartphones are up an average of 65 percent since 2015.

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