Two masters

USPS employees

Two USPS managers recently completed a master black belt certification program from Ohio State University, joining a growing list of employees who are deepening their knowledge of Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles.

Enterprise Data Management Manager Lek Udomsawat and City of Industry, CA, Acting Plant Manager Michelle “Mia” Alfonso completed the four-week program, which combines both classroom and online instruction.

“The training provided me with a better understanding of how to successfully drive change in an organization [and] broaden my knowledge on the application of the tools,” Alfonso said.

To be eligible for the program, candidates must pass exams that test their leadership and finance skills, publish written work or present at an external venue.

Candidates also must lead at least five Lean Six Sigma projects and coach 10 projects led by others.

“The program furnishes you with an effective and efficient way to approach problems and improve the process excellence,” said Udomsawat, who incorporates Lean Six Sigma principles into her day-to-day work responsibilities.

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