Star route

USPS employee and TV actor

What’s it like to deliver mail to the most beloved carrier on TV this season?

Ask Pasadena, CA, Letter Carrier Peter Rangel, whose customers include Bill Chott — the Los Angeles actor who captured hearts with his recent postal portrayal on NBC’s “This Is Us.”

Many of Rangel’s customers work in the film industry. While he delivers to a few celebrities, he doesn’t get starstruck.

“You would never know who they are,” Rangel said. “They’re doing normal, everyday things — taking out trash, walking dogs.”

Chott’s case was different.

“Right away I recognized him,” Rangel said, referring to Chott’s role on another well-known TV program: “My daughter watches [Disney Channel’s] ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and he played the principal.”

Chott enjoys seeing Rangel each day. “We talk and catch up,” the actor said.

Rangel, a 19-year postal employee, relocated to the Pasadena Post Office two years ago.

His favorite part of working in the city is learning about his customers.

“It’s fun to talk to them and to get to know what they do,” Rangel said. “Pasadena is one of the most beautiful cities. I feel lucky to be working here.”