Conventional wisdom

NPF and USPS employee

Cynthia Moore knew exactly what to do when she recently received recruitment coupons from the National Postal Forum (NPF).

The coupons provide discounts to business customers who want to attend the annual industry conference, which will be held in Baltimore from May 21-24 this year.

Moore, a business alliances specialist in Chicago, had previously talked with a local direct mail production company about attending NPF. She gave the company one of the coupons, which includes an “early bird” $100 discount registration code.

Moore then gave another coupon to a second customer, making her the first USPS employee to register two customers through the new Employee Customer Recruitment Program.

The program’s goal is to help more businesses benefit from attending NPF, which offers networking opportunities, educational seminars and more.

Moore is now eligible to qualify for a complimentary full registration to attend the conference.

“NPF is a tremendous resource for our business customers,” Moore said. “I’m excited to participate in the program and hopefully recruit more businesses to attend this year’s event.”

The NPF Blue page has more information, including instructions on participating in the program.