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Forever stamps

The Postal Service issued its first Forever stamp 10 years ago this month. To help mark the milestone, “The list” looks at a few Forever facts you might not have known.

1. First Forever. The first Forever stamp, issued April 12, 2007, featured the Liberty Bell.

2. Forever favored. Forever stamps were initially intended to ease the transition for customers during stamp price changes. By 2011, the stamps had become so popular, USPS extended Forever status to all new First-Class Mail 1-ounce rate commemorative stamps.

3. Forever festive. Holiday Evergreens, the first holiday Forever stamps, were released in 2010 and featured evergreen tree foliage and cones.

4. Forever famous. In 2011, USPS issued a Ronald Reagan stamp, making the 40th president the first person featured on a Forever stamp.

5. Future Forevers. Many more Forever stamps are on the way this year, including booklets honoring Christmas carols and the classic book “The Snowy Day.”

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