Golden discovery

Texas carrier

Dean Ball believed his wedding ring was gone for good.

Ten years ago, the Abilene, TX, resident lost the $1,400 gold ring — a gift from his wife.

“I thought I lost it on a job somewhere,” Ball said.

Recently, Ball watched his letter carrier, Hector Piazza, walk across Ball’s front lawn to deliver his mail. Suddenly, the carrier reached down to pick up something.

“He came directly to my front door, knocked [and] held up my lost ring,” Ball said.

The finding left Ball overcome with surprise and gratitude: “My wife and I both have cried a lot of tears over that ring because we thought it was lost and gone forever.”

Ball loves to work in his yard and garden and thinks he must have lost it while mowing the lawn.

“Mr. Piazza is a truly special person who I believe is an exemplary example of the integrity of the U.S. Postal Service,” Ball said. “Not many people would find a beautiful solid gold nugget ring … and without hesitation do the right thing.”

Piazza appreciates the praise, but said it’s all in a day’s work.

“If we find it, we will deliver it,” he said.