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The Postal Service recently introduced Incoming Inventory Visualization, a tool that will make it easier for facilities to “see” incoming mail.

The Incoming Inventory Visualization application is part of the expanding Informed Visibility platform.

Informed Visibility centralizes information from more than 35,000 postal facilities, 82 different postal systems and more than 6,300 pieces of mail processing equipment, then combines it with scanning and geo-coordinate delivery data.

The platform is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to use technology to improve operational efficiencies.

The Incoming Inventory Visualization application uses the data to provide facilities with near-real-time information on incoming mail inventory and trip arrival status.

The application also catalogs historical volume arrival profiles based on trip type, mail type and mail class.

Authorized employees may request access to Informed Visibility through eAccess.

The Postal Service plans to deploy additional Informed Visibility functionality this year.