Come on down!

USPS employee with "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey

San Antonio employees might have seen a familiar face on “The Price Is Right” recently.

Health and Resource Management Specialist Wendy Nunnery appeared on CBS’s long-running game show last month.

While vacationing in Los Angeles, the 33-year postal employee auditioned to compete for a variety of prizes, including the grand prize, a new car.

The show’s producers look for “fun people with enthusiasm,” Nunnery said. “I just jumped up and down yelling, ‘I want to win a car! I’m gonna win a car!’”

It was the first time Nunnery was chosen as a contestant after auditioning twice years ago.

“It’s just so much fun,” she said. “Third time’s the charm.”

Nunnery didn’t win the car, but the price was right for a winning laptop: She guessed closest to the correct price of $1,399.99.

The episode taped in March, but Nunnery couldn’t tell anyone she competed or won, so her co-workers were shocked when the episode aired a few weeks ago.

“I just had to tell people to watch the show and see what happens,” she said. “They were all excited. Watching it was just so crazy.”