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Submit sales leads

Take the lead. June is Leads Month, a time for Postal Service employees throughout the organization to submit leads for Sales’ employee engagement programs.

The USPS Small Business team is challenging employees to submit leads through the following programs: Customer Connect (letter carriers), Rural Reach (rural carriers), Submit a Lead (Executive and Administrative Schedule employees), Clerks Care (retail associates and clerks) and Mail Handlers.

The challenge runs through June 30.

To the rescue. The Postal Bulletin’s latest edition explains how to nominate USPS employees for a Postmaster General Hero Award.

Honorees receive a commendation letter from PMG Megan J. Brennan and are featured in Heroes’ corner,” a daily Link column.

The article spotlights Kettering, OH, City Carrier Assistant Donte Cotton, who was honored last year after rescuing a child from a car accident.

The June 8 Postal Bulletin also highlights the upcoming stamp honoring artist Andrew Wyeth.

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