Degree of success

MA graduation

Peter Bedrosian has handed many important mailpieces to his customers during his 38-year Postal Service career, but one recent delivery stands out.

The Whitinsville, MA, letter carrier presented Nick Johnson, a recent high school graduate, with his diploma.

Bedrosian has delivered mail to Johnson’s neighborhood for 25 years. He has watched the young man grow up, and the two have developed a friendly relationship.

When Johnson, 18, told family members that he wasn’t interested in participating in his school’s graduation ceremony, they began looking for alternative ways to recognize his achievement.

“Since I’ve known him his whole life, they said, ‘How about Pete?’” Bedrosian said.

He presented Johnson with his diploma while making his regular deliveries last week.

“I said a few words to him about how … far he’d come,” Bedrosian said.

Johnson will attend the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the fall, and Bedrosian is excited to see him begin the next chapter of his life.

He’s also proud to be part of so many customers’ lives.

“Just seeing them, seeing the joy they get when you deliver to them, is a favorite part of the job,” he said.