All American


To celebrate Independence Day, “The list” looks at the first appearances made by five patriotic symbols on stamps.

1. Bald eagle. A symbol of both USPS and the nation it serves, the bald eagle first appeared on 10-cent and 30-cent stamps in 1869. These were among the first stamps to feature an animal as a central part of the image.

2. American flag. The 30-cent 1869 stamp also was the first to feature the stars and stripes.

3. Lady Liberty. Issued in 1922, a 15-cent Statue of Liberty stamp was the first to bear an image of the 1886 gift from France to celebrate American freedom and democracy.

4. Fireworks. In 1987, the 22-cent Flag With Fireworks stamp became the first to combine the U.S. flag and fireworks on stamp art.

5. Uncle Sam. America’s top-hatted man made his stamp debut on a 32-cent 1998 Celebrate the Century stamp that commemorated the nation’s entry into World War I.

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