Call to glory

USPS managers and supervisors

The Postal Service is seeking nominations for its second annual Engagement Leader of the Year Awards.

The awards honor leaders who are involved, enthusiastic and committed to improving their workplace environments.

USPS will recognize leaders at the district, area and headquarters levels, culminating with a final honoree who will receive the national award.

“We have engaged leaders throughout the organization who inspire employees to bring their best selves to work each day, and we have a national award to recognize them for all they do,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson.

The call for nominations follows the recent presentation of last year’s honorees, including Eastern Area Operations Manager John Phelan, who received the National Engagement Leader of the Year Award.

Nominees for this year’s awards must be Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) or Postal Career Executive Services (PCES) employees in leadership positions and have employees who report directly to them.

Nominations will be accepted from July 14-Aug. 14. The Employee Engagement LiteBlue page has additional information.