He’s got talent

The Masqueraders

Harold Thomas’s former colleagues aren’t surprised to see the Postal Service retiree making a name for himself on television.

Thomas, a Memphis mail handler from 1985-2000, is currently competing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as a member of the Masqueraders soul trio.

Memphis Mail Handler E.O. Alexander, a 44-year USPS employee, spent several years working alongside Thomas.

“He was a nice guy, a good co-worker,” Alexander said. “When someone in the building was celebrating a birthday or other occasion, he would sing.”

Fellow Memphis Mail Handler Glen Boyland remembers working on tour 3, a late-day shift, with the passionate Texas native.

“Harold was a great guy, great charisma. I enjoyed working with him,” said Boyland. “He used to wear western-style attire to work — cowboy hats, that sort of thing. We used to tease him about that.”

Alexander and Boyland will be watching when Thomas and the Masqueraders return to “America’s Got Talent” for a live performance that is scheduled to air Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Both know the group’s nerves will be in check thanks to years performing at nightclubs on Memphis’s famous Beale Street.

“[He] would do performances on the weekends and was once the entertainment at a work banquet,” said Boyland. “He always did a great job.”