Customers first


No matter where customers interact with USPS, the organization wants to provide them with excellent service, PMG Megan J. Brennan told the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association (NSRMCA) recently.

In remarks at the organization’s annual meeting in Detroit, the PMG said customer service is more important than ever.

“For the Postal Service, everyone is our customer. From recipients retrieving their mail to our box customers, we’re investing in technology and infrastructure to enhance our customers’ experiences,” she said.

One example is Informed Delivery, a new feature that allows customers to receive digital previews of their incoming mail.

“Informed Delivery builds anticipation of the mail, adding value to a mailer’s investment,” Brennan said.

She also discussed Informed Visibility, a platform that allows USPS to track mail as it moves throughout the postal network and share data with business customers, allowing them to maximize their Marketing Mail efforts.

“We track every piece, every tray, every bundle, every pallet and every truck,” the PMG said.

In addition to the NSRMCA, the PMG met recently with the National Rural Letter Carriers Association and United Postmasters and Managers of America.

Brennan addressed customer service at each meeting, along with the Postal Service’s focus on returning to financial stability, new innovations and workforce development.

At the session with the star route mail contractors, the PMG discussed the importance of the NSRMCA, which represents 17,000 individuals who contract with USPS to provide mail transportation services.

“We value your continued service,” she said.