‘Grow the industry’

People stand on stage

The Postal Service is improving the customer experience by investing in data networks, customizing interactions and simplifying processes, business leaders were told this week.

In more than 100 meetings across the nation, USPS executives highlighted the organization’s efforts to better serve mailing and business professionals.

The discussions were part of National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Week, which brings postal and industry leaders together to address concerns and share ideas.

“We are all adapting to a world that is constantly evolving, reshaping communications and commerce across the world,” said PMG Megan Brennan, who addressed the Greater Baltimore, Northern Virginia Metro and Washington Metropolitan Postal Customer Councils in Annapolis, MD.

The Postal Service continues to provide transparency to mailers through offerings such as Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery.

“We are in a world where consumers seamlessly communicate and transact across physical and digital mediums,” Brennan said. “Where marketers combine the best of digital with personalized mail to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and where the customer experience is a way to differentiate to win business and grow the industry.”

As consumers continue moving towards mobile-only platforms, the organization will continue to adapt and serve those market needs, Brennan said.

“Mail drives action — thank you for delivering these results.”