On ice

The History of Hockey stamps

USPS and Canada Post have revealed the images for The History of Hockey stamps.

The stamps, which will be released Oct. 20, are se-tenant, which means they are attached on one side, yet differ in design.

The scene on the first stamp portrays a modern hockey player. The second stamp shows a vintage hockey player, representing the game’s past, set against a snowy background.

“The Postal Service is honored to partner with Canada Post to produce The History of Hockey stamps,” said PMG Megan J. Brennan, who will dedicate the stamps in Detroit with Canada Post President Deepak Chopra.

“This sport exemplifies a wonderful tradition of competition and camaraderie between our nations, and these commemorative stamps are a special way to celebrate the game that transcends borders,” the PMG said.

USPS will offer the stamps in panes of 20, as well as a souvenir sheet that contains the two Forever stamps and an image on the selvage — the area outside the stamps on the sheet — that depicts a father teaching his daughter how to play hockey on a pond. The selvage image will be revealed during the dedication ceremony.

The Oct. 5 news release has additional information.