Got questions?

David Williams

Do you have questions for Chief Operating Officer David Williams? If so, here’s your chance to ask them.

Link is introducing “Ask the …,” a feature that will allow USPS employees to submit questions that Postal Service leaders will answer on this site.

The first edition, “Ask the COO,” will feature Williams, who is responsible for the day-to-day activities of 488,000 operations-focused employees across the nation. His biography on the Postal Leadership page has more information about him and the areas that he oversees.

If you have a question that you’d like Williams to answer, put it in an email and send it to before Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. EDT. Be sure to put “Ask the COO” in the subject line and include your name, job title and location in your message.

The Link team will choose the best questions, gather Williams’ responses and post them in the next few weeks.