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Five people on "Family Feud" set

The Postal Service retiree who recently appeared on “Family Feud” went home a champion.

Michael Bulbuk, who retired last month from his Novi, MI, customer services supervisor position, and his family appeared on five episodes over five days.

Their winnings: more than $42,000 and a new car.

“Watching it on TV was different, but it was fun,” said Bulbuk, whose friend hosted a viewing party for the last episode at a local restaurant. “It’s been a secret since May so it’s nice to share it finally.”

The Link article that announced Bulbuk’s appearance on the show created a lot of buzz in his office — and across the nation.

“I got emails from old co-workers and people all over the country saying congratulations and wishing me luck,” he said.

Bulbuk also became a celebrity around town.

“I went to the store to buy some newspapers and the cashier recognized me from TV and [jokingly] asked to borrow some money,” Bulbuk said. “It’s my 15 minutes of fame.”

Select clips from the Bulbuk family’s appearances are available on the “Family Feud” site.