Saluting those who served

USPS uniform with pin

The following message is from PMG Megan J. Brennan:

Veterans Day provides our nation with the opportunity to recognize brave patriots — courageous individuals including the veterans employed throughout our organization.

They have served our country in two ways: first in the armed forces and now through the U.S. Postal Service. We thank them for their service to the nation, protecting our freedoms both here and abroad.

The Postal Service is honored to have more than 100,000 veterans among our employees; we are proud to be one of the nation’s largest civilian employers of veterans.

While we remember our veterans all year round, Veterans Day is a special occasion to salute them for all they have done. I am honored to pay tribute to our veterans again this year with a special lapel pin as a token of gratitude for the sacrifices they have made for the United States. Distribution of the pins is underway nationwide, and our veteran colleagues will be recognized at local events or other appropriate presentations to thank them for their service.

This year’s pin features the words “USPS Veteran” and “Proudly Serving America” in blue lettering, bordered by a band of white stars on a red background, reminiscent of the U.S. flag. Veterans, this pin is a sign of respect to you, and a symbol of your tremendous patriotism and dedication to public service.

On behalf of all 640,000 Postal Service employees, thank you, veterans, for all you have done in service of the nation. We are proud and honored that you have chosen to continue your service to America at the Postal Service.

On the nose

The Postal Service’s new holiday TV campaign is now underway.

PMG Megan J. Brennan narrates the first commercial, a 60-second spot titled “Biggest Gift” that began airing this week.

The ad shows a young boy longing to replace his teddy bear’s missing nose. With help from USPS and Informed Delivery, the boy’s parents arrange for a new nose to arrive in time for Christmas.

Other Postal Service holiday ads will debut later this month and in December.

All of this season’s commercials will feature USPS employees.

Informed facilities

Three employees look at board

Informed Facility, the Postal Service’s newest content delivery platform, is providing valuable, real-time information for the organization.

The online system includes dashboards and slideshows that can be displayed in postal facilities on monitors and ACE workstations.

Informed Facility is also designed to complement existing data sources and dashboards, bringing them together in a central location.

“It’s a great way to consistently message our goals as well as other information employees have requested,” said St. Louis Plant Manager Pamela Meehan. “Within just a week of Informed Facility messaging, we rose from the bottom 10 in at-risk performance and have been climbing steadily ever since.”

USPS has 212 sites that use more than 2,600 Informed Facility boards. The system is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to use data to become more efficient.

Informed Facility offers automatically refreshing reports as new data becomes available, and a choice of screen layouts that can display as many as four reports at a time.

The system can also be tailored to a specific audience, such as executives, managers or front-line employees.

Additionally, the platform allows users to upload custom content to create a diverse selection of reports based on data not currently available in the system, as well as local events, employee engagement activities, service talks and instructional messaging.

The Informed Facility Blue page has additional information.

Fair play

Woman looks at tablet

Postal Service employees can participate in an online virtual benefits fair throughout this year’s open season, which runs from Nov. 13-Dec. 11.

The fair offers information about the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) and Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), as well as flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

Employees can log into the fair site 24/7 during open season to visit virtual booths, watch instructional videos and participate in educational seminars.

Additionally, employees can participate in live chats with experts on two dates: Monday, Nov. 13, and Tuesday, Dec. 5, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. EST each day.

Long Term Care Partners, the company that manages the FLTCIP, is organizing the fair.

Participation is voluntary and off-the-clock. Employees can register at the FLTCIP site.

The Open Season LiteBlue page has additional information about this year’s open season.

Patriotic posts

Two men look at computer

To mark Veterans Day this week, “The list” offers five military-themed Postal Service facts.

1. USPS is one of the nation’s largest civilian employers of veterans. More than 100,000 veterans currently serve in all levels of the organization.

2. The Military Postal Service Agency delivers everywhere. The agency, an extension of USPS, provides postal services to military personnel and their families in 110 countries, 952 ZIP Codes and more than 1.2 million delivery points around the world.

3. Many stamps have been issued to honor the military. Examples include current offerings like Honoring Extraordinary Heroism: The Service Cross Medals, as well as past releases like the 1970 American Prisoner of War and 1985 World War I Veterans stamps.

4. Veterans in the Postal Service have their own newsletter. Mail Call, a quarterly publication, was introduced last year. Each issue features news, interviews and more.

5. Link honors veterans, too. We regularly highlight employees who have served in the military, including our recent profiles of Rudy and Lori Guillen, married letter carriers in Des Moines, IA; Todd Farnham, a Boise, ID, electronics technician; Lenard Hostetler, a Wichita, KS, mail handler; Gene Herrington, a Hartford, CT, mail processing clerk; and Nestor Duran, an Albuquerque, NM, letter carrier.

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