Next round

Employees giving a thumbs up

More than 80 Postal Service employees from across the nation are moving forward in the Engagement Leader of the Year Awards competition.

The awards recognize leaders who foster employee involvement, enthusiasm and commitment.

All USPS districts and vice presidents at postal headquarters in Washington, DC, were invited to choose nominees for the competition. Selection committees then reviewed these nominations and chose the first round of honorees.

“It is encouraging to see so many deserving nominations from the district and headquarters levels for the Engagement Leader of the Year Award,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

“When leaders take ownership of creating engagement to inspire their employees to be more involved, it improves the workplace environment and provides a better experience for employees and customers alike.”

The first round of honorees now move to the next level, where seven area honorees and one headquarters honoree will be chosen.

These individuals will become finalists for the National Engagement Leader of the Year Award, which is slated to be announced in January.

The first national award, presented this year, went to Eastern Area Operations Manager John Phelan.

The district and headquarters awardees are listed on Blue and LiteBlue under Employee Engagement.