Customer Connect

Customer Connect

Sometimes being a city letter carrier is about more than delivering mail and packages.

Customer Connect, a joint program between USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers, encourages carriers to identify sales opportunities for the organization.

Here’s what you should know:

 • Customer Connect leverages relationships. The program encourages carriers to talk to business customers and tell them about the benefits of shipping with USPS.

• The program requires carriers to keep an eye out for opportunities. Carriers are asked to look for competitors picking up packages, businesses that use a competitor’s packaging products, and new businesses that have opened.

One example: Northport, NY, Letter Carrier Jeremy Chait discovered a business customer who was unhappy with a competitor’s shipping fees and transit times. Chait referred the customer to USPS Sales, which saved the business money and gained an additional $406,000 in new estimated annualized revenue for the Postal Service — all because of Chait’s willingness to begin the conversation.

• Customer Connect works. Since the program began in 2003, it has generated more than $2.5 billion in estimated annualized revenue.

The Sales Blue page has more information about Customer Connect and other programs that allow employees to submit sales leads.