Paycheck changes

Payroll tab on computer monitor

Postal Service employees’ paychecks will soon reflect recent changes to the withholding of federal income taxes.

USPS, like other employers, is implementing new withholding guidelines from the IRS that dictate how much employers withhold from pay for federal taxes.

Beginning Feb. 3, the fourth pay period of the year, the biweekly personal exemption value for each federal tax allowance is now $159.60 per allowance. This change will be reflected in paychecks dated Feb. 23.

The dollar amounts for the withholding tables and withholding rates have also changed.

The Postal Bulletin’s Feb. 1 edition has more information, including the federal income tax withholding table for biweekly wages paid in 2018, a list of withholding allowances, and instructions on calculating federal taxes.