Springtime surprise

person scraping snow

The arrival of spring brought heavy snow to parts of the East Coast and other areas this week, although the storm didn’t diminish the Postal Service’s ability to keep the mail moving.

The Northeast received its fourth nor’easter in three weeks, and several cities recorded their most significant springtime snowfalls in years.

USPS continued to move mail where it was safe to do so.

“It’s part of your job. After 32 years, you just get used to it,” said Peter Rynsky, a veteran letter carrier in Jersey City, NJ, where accumulations exceeded six inches.

The Postal Service is encouraging customers to refer to the USPS Service Alerts site for updates. Customers are also being urged to keep their mailboxes, steps and sidewalks clear of snow and ice so letter carriers can deliver their mail and packages.

“No one wants to inconvenience the customer,” South Jersey District Manager Sharon Young said. “However, we must ensure the safety of our employees.”