Leading the charge

Benjamin Jones, distribution operations manager at the Miami International Service Center

Benjamin Jones is on the front line in the fight against cyberscams.

Jones, distribution operations manager at the Miami International Service Center, helps his employees learn how they can help protect USPS networks.

One of his main messages: Never plug a personal smartphone, tablet or other electronic device into a postal computer’s USB port.

“I tell my employees: Stop and think before you connect,” Jones says. “Failing to do so could cause a virus or malware to compromise our network and ultimately, our ability to deliver the mail.”

Jones also emphasizes the importance of preventing phishing attacks.

During a recent week, he received two fraudulent emails designed to look like messages from an insurance company. Jones reported both emails to the CyberSafe at USPS team.

“You have to know what makes emails suspicious,” Jones says. “In this case, both of these messages contained strange grammar and came from an unusual account, which are telltale signs.”

To help educate his employees, Jones regularly delivers stand-up talks on cybersecurity topics.

He also circulates informational fliers and passes along helpful tips, like recommending employees carry wall chargers with them to power their devices in approved locations.

The Postal Service encourages this approach. Through the CyberSafe at USPS Blue page, the organization offers managers and supervisors information they can pass along to their employees, including a downloadable Separate for Security flier.

The LiteBlue page and USPSCyberSafe.com have additional information for employees and customers.

Jones believes everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity.

“Protecting USPS data is a top priority,” he says.

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