Older Americans Month

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Older Americans Month, an annual celebration of older adults, began May 1.

This year’s theme is “Engage at Every Age.” The theme “emphasizes that you are never too old (or young) to take part in activities that can enrich your physical, mental and emotional well-being,” according to the Administration for Community Living, the federal agency that organizes Older Americans Month.

The number of people age 65 and older in the United States reached 49.2 million in 2016, accounting for 15.2 percent of the total population, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last year.

By 2060, the number of people 65 and older is projected to reach 98.2 million, comprising 1 in 4 U.S. residents, according to the bureau. Of this number, 19.7 million will be 85 or older.

The Postal Service is encouraging employees to participate in Older Americans Month by helping to raise awareness of aging issues.

The Administration for Community Living’s site has more information.